Athlete Spotlight



Meet Marisa Ortega.  Marisa came to us in July 2017 when we hosted a 6 week challenge.  Marisa had no prior experience, in fact, she didn’t exercise at all.  She was quiet, but continued to show up 4-5 x a week.  When the 6 weeks were over, Marisa had lost around 20lbs and many inches from her body.  Needless to say, she won the challenge and has been with us ever since!  She’s a great addition to our team.

When did you start at Aspiration CrossFit? July 16, 2017

What made you sign up? I read about the 6 week challenge and I wanted to lose weight for a trip.

Do you remember your first WOD? Yes. It was so, so hard

What is your favorite movement/WOD?  Row and Deadlift

What is your least favorite movement/WOD?  Burpees

Which class do you attend?  6:00AM

What would you tell someone that may be afraid to try CrossFit?   It is never too late to start CrossFit. I did it after 40+ years without being active.  I never did any exercise before and it feels good when you can see improvements.

What inspires you to keep coming? 1. My son; he is always saying how proud he is about what I’m doing (CrossFit)
2.  I want to lose weight
3.  I want to be a cougar!